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Objectives of


The key objectives of the society include

1)To promote the cause of science & technology in the development of the Cosmetics & Toiletries industry, including producers of related raw materials such as oleo chemicals, surfactants, silicones, waxes, fragrances and allied products.

2)To encourage research, development and training in the above areas.

3)To encourage technology development of upstream equipment and machinery that can impact the chemical and formulation processes involved in the manufacture of Cosmetics.

4)To guide and assist in the formulation of standards, specifications and laws pertaining to raw materials and finished products.

5)To promote the competence and integrity of those engaged in these fields of activity and to raise their professional status.

6)To foster the exchange and disposal of knowledge and information in relevant fields among professionals and the public, and to furnish advice to Government, law makers and important agencies on matters concerning the ISCC's fields of activity.

7)To print publish and circulate journals, periodicals, books, papers, reports and other technical and/or economic literature related to the ISCC's fields of activity.

8)To establish, maintain and/or support Libraries, archives, Research and Testing Laboratories and Training Centres.

9)To foster an active liaison with national as well as international organization having objects and activities similar to those of the ISCC.